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 You and your staff rely so heavily on Microsoft 365, that an outage or loss of data, even minor, starts the clock on stress, lost dollars, and a hit to your reputation with clients. 

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Do you need to backup your Microsoft 365 accounts?

Microsoft provides protection for your data and allows for the recovery of deleted Microsoft 365 items for up to 30 days.  Where Veeam backup comes into play is after 30 days.  Many companies (and in the near future, most companies) will need, want, or be required to keep email backups for months or even years for legal, compliance and HR holds.   We have seen a growing need for Microsoft 365 backup in regards to malicious actions by employees who suspect they are about to be fired.  They will start deleting or changing emails in anticipation of “getting back” at their employer.  Having a good backup can save your reputation and minimize legal issues with former employees and clients.

Why use Prodatix to backup your Microsoft 365 data?

We have the experience, training, and certifications to correctly use Veeam Microsoft 365 Backup software to protect your company. With thousands of backed-up accounts in industries ranging from construction, to medical, to financial and hospitality, we are confident that our expertise, combined with our secure and compliant data center, will ensure peace of mind and the ability for you to grow confidently. A few of our clients can help tell our story:

“Prodatix has been protecting our data and email, etc. for many years. They provide peace of mind and are vigilant in protecting Outlook email and Office data. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a company to handle all of their email and data backup needs. They are very good.”

Derek Wright – President, Suntec Concrete – AZ, UT, CO, NV

“Our email and Office apps are at the center of all our communication.  We need to be HIPPA complaint and be able to hold onto email for up to 7 years.  Prodatix keeps our data safe and can restore quickly in the event a doctor needs something quickly for a patient.  We trust their abilities and haven’t been disappointed.”

Joyce Schweikert – Director, Scottsdale Eye Surgery Center

How much does a complete Microsoft 365 backup cost?

Microsoft 365 license pricing

Microsoft 365 storage pricing – no data fees

Multiple options to secure your Office 365 data

Microsoft 365 On-Prem to Prodatix Cloud backup

If you’re already backing up your Microsoft 365 data to your in-house server, it’s easy to send those backups to our servers and provide an extra layer of redundancy. Back up your accounts from multiple servers across multiple locations. And, with our data ingress speeds up to 10 Gbps, there won’t be any delay for even the most frequent backups.

Microsoft 365 Cloud to Prodatix Cloud backup

Don’t have an in-house server to dedicate to Microsoft 365 backup? Take advantage of our Cloud to Cloud backup by connecting your Microsoft 365 account directly to our secure and compliant data center. Your data will backup frequently and provide updated confirmations as each backup is written to our servers., encrypted, without any delay.