Your complete data protection solution

Prodatix is a Veeam Certified Architect company, providing Veeam licensing, professional services consulting, backup, replication and CDP to our Veeam-certified data center and immutable backup appliances powered by Veeam.  We have the experience and expertise to maximize your Veeam investment.

Protecting your data
Protecting your company
Prodatix is obsessed with protecting your data – that’s all we do.  Our 3 data centers provide data resiliency and data protection 24/7.  Run a Veeam backup to one data center and then do a Veeam copy job to one or two other data centers to meet compliance, legal hold and just plain “you can never have enough backup”.  Need Veeam replication?  We specialize in the complexities of Veeam replication including hosting your company-owned router and setting up dedicated fiber connections from your in-house or local data center to our data center(s) if needed.  We ensure you are applying the 3-2-1 rule for data backup to sleep better at night and make your data less susceptible to the effects of ransomware and other malware.

Check out our latest webinar (pre-recorded):  How Veeam Immutability Will Save Your Company.

Current news about protecting your data

Data management is an ever-evolving science, but experience and expertise still bring Peace of Mind to the most valuable asset your company has, after your employees.  We stay on top of what’s important in data management and  present that to our current and prospective clients.