Disaster recovery for near real-time restore

The power of true DR is in the setup.  With Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise software, you’ll have real-time access to the analytics of your DR environment to know that it is at-the-ready.  Combine your Veeam software with Veeam One and take your reporting and management to a new level of understanding your DR environment.  Our data centers and our experience will allow you to have near real-time, running replicas of your virtual machines ready to go within minutes of an outage at your office.   Often times, our clients will backup all their VM’s, and then setup DR on their most critical VM’s such as SQL or EHR servers.  This allows for the basic customer-service VM’s to be ready to go quickly, while you’re restoring your other servers from backup.  Setting up DR in our data centers also gives you unlimited testing capabilities as we don’t charge for data ingress of egress.

The power of Veeam Cloud Connect replication

Replication has to have a logical setup path in addition to being bullet-proof once put in place.  Veeam Backup & Replication software provides that  logical path to implementation by being in the forefront of DR best-practices.  We have setup many clients for DR to our data centers and Veeam software has, on many occasions, saved our clients’ businesses from losing a server, all the way up to saving their business after a major failure at their office.  Here’s why you want to look at moving to Veeam or having us assist in setting up your current Veeam software:
  • The best digital air-gap feature in the business
  • Lightweight and fast – ensures near real-time off-site replication
  • Replica seeding and replica mapping minimize data transfer tot eh DR site
  • “Replica from backup” option – copying the data once when both backup and replication are needed

Why choose Prodatix for your Veeam Replication project?

Proper replication setup and maintenance can become complicated, very quickly, but with proper planning and execution, your Veeam Backup & Replication project will be a success.   Consider these factors when choosing Prodatix as your Veeam software replication partner:

Veeam certified experts

Our staff has the full-range of Veeam and Microsoft certifications which we stay current on throughout the year: Veeam Technical Sale Professional, Veeam Certified Engineer, Veeam Certified Architect, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, etc.

Multiple data centers

Our primary data center is in Phoenix, AZ with fail-over sites (if you need them) in Dallas, TX and Salt Lake City, UT. These 3 locations were chosen as they are Geo-dispersed and are on separate power grids and fiber backbones.

Lots of experience

Having seen most every Veeam and cloud-server situation over the years, we’ll bring ideas which have worked in other situations to minimize the time to get you setup according to Veeam (and Microsoft and VMWare) best practices, achieving a more resilient and fault-tolerant data replication environment.

Veeam Replication & Disaster Recovery storage calculator

The below calculator will show pricing, which includes: storage, CPU, RAM and OS licensing (VMWare or Hyper-V). We also don’t charge for data ingress or egress, saving you a lot each month compared to other Veeam providers.


$ 627 Per Month

15 TB @ $44 per TB


$ 969 Per Month

15 TB @ $68 per TB

1- Select cloud destination to backup your data to


Phoenix, AZ


Dallas, TX


Salt Lake City, UT

2- Select total terabytes to backup (1TB = 1000 GB):

3- Select contract term length (months):


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