Prodatix and Veeam as a revenue vehicle
Data is the most important asset any business has, after their employees.   You have an incredible opportunity and an incredible obligation when selling and supporting client data backup solutions.  Whether you use Veeam now or are looking to move to Veeam, our Partner Programs have helped MSP’s around the USA to confidently offer a wider range of data management solutions.  Consider these advantages of partnering with Prodatix:
  • Monthly recurring revenue from Veeam licenses and Veeam Backup and Replication
  • We have Veeam Engineers and an Architect on staff for pre-sales questions and post-sales implementation assistance – no charge
  • We offer a wide range of brandable 1-page brochures and whitepapers to complement your sales activities and presentations
  • We offer a high level of support and sales assistance that you just won’t find at the larger hyper-scalers
  • We offer a complete line of Veeam-powered backup servers and backup NAS appliances, pre-configured and ready to deploy

Sales opportunities with Prodatix

With a large presence in several data centers, Prodatix provides you with the complete Veeam suite of services, including Backup & Replication, as well as several Cloud services to complement and expand your portfolio of sales offerings.   Here are some ideas from current MSP’s who partner with Prodatix:

Private Cloud

Our simple data center pricing makes it cost effective, secure and easily accessible for your clients to start running many of their programs in a Cloud environment, allowing remote access for users in any location.   We host QuickBooks, Sage, Macola, EHR programs and many others for our MSP partners.  With so many people working from home, get in front of this new reality with Cloud services.

Office 365 Backup

So many companies use Office 365 which creates so many opportunities.  As soon as you educate your clients on how Microsoft does not backup Office 365 (including Exchange, Teams and SharePoint), a new opportunity will emerge that benefits your client and your campy.  Our seamless Veeam Office 365 backup allows you to resell a proven platform used by MSP’s all over the USA.  And, with our white-glove treatment, we can handle all or part of your Office 365 client backup requirements.


Take advantage of our Veeam certified engineers and architect to co-consult with your current and prospective clients.  We can assist with on-boarding and setup and configuration of Veeam Backup & Replication software.  We can help setup Veeam replication and a Veeam SureBackup environment for testing.  We discount our rates so you make full margin with an expert team behind you.  We can talk as Prodatix or part of your company team.

Reselling Our Backup Servers and
NAS Appliances - Powered By Veeam

Many companies in the SMB space do not have a backup server or NAS appliance, or if they do, it is not adequate to meet their restore time objectives.   We have over 10 years experience in building performance backup and host servers for clients all over the USA.  Each server and NAS appliance is pre-loaded with Veeam and pre-configured for your client, based on your specifications.  It truly is a plug-and-play device that will be ready to start backing up their data almost immediately.  And, once the first backup job completes, a Backup Copy job is initiated to copy the data to our Tier 3 data center, providing a bulletproof 3-2-1 backup environment.

Backup your client’s data and ensure long-term Peace of Mind, all while earning recurring revenue while we handle the Veeam back-end.

It’s time to consider partnering with Prodatix

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