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How Veeam Immutability Will Save Your Company

  • Ben Falagrady (Veeam) – Veeam Systems Engineer
  • Randy O’Donnell (Prodatix) – Veeam Architect
  • Matt Bullock (Prodatix) – Veeam Sales Engineer

Date:  Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Time:  11 am – 11:30 am MST

Ransomware, now with the help of AI, is becoming faster, smarter and more patient. What is your recovery plan? Are you making ransomware recovery a company-wide initiative? Have you started implementing immutable storage on-site and off-site?  What about the immutable data trap of not setting the immutable time correctly?  Did you know that many companies are ending up with years of data backups they can’t delete, but sill have to pay for? Immutable backup with Veeam is the gateway to ransomware resilience and cost-effective backups.

Join the Prodatix team along with our special guest, Ben Falagrady, Veeam Senior Systems Engineer, and learn how to correctly setup and manage immutable data backups to stay in business during and after a ransomware attack.